What is your playbook for this scenario?. This question is true in general for all life situations. And we try to get playbooks or best practices from the wisdom of the experts.

FlexibleIR is a startup that provides a platform for playbook life cycle management (Standard Operating Procedures – SoPs).

The system makes the building, testing, training and deploying of playbooks easy. This caters to both on premise and cloud native applications. We use simple and highly recommended remote working real time tools like Trello, Slack and google sheets. The playbook gets managed on real time kanban board. We also aim to provide industry specific playbooks based on your needs.

Enterprises today are distributed across geographies and remote working is the norm of the day. All Cloud, IT Infrastructure, Network Operations & security need to be aligned to best practices/frameworks like ITIL,NIST etc. The tickets need to be handled in a consistent & repeatable way. Playbooks (SoPs) enable this in a very effective way.

The playbook for a specific use-case is a living document; updates are encouraged in order to capture current procedures and unique guidance, in order to quickly respond and contain the detected event or incident.

FlexibleIR : Playbook life cycle management

Incident Response Playbook Life cycle
Incident Response Playbook Life cycle